Almec Precision Sheet Metal
Company profile
Almec is a privately owned company which started in 1991 and up until 2000 was supplying large batches of poker machine parts. From 2001 to 2003, Almec supplied large batches of parts (mainly aluminium) for mobile phone antennas. Both these products have gone overseas and Almec has had to re-invent itself by finding a broader range of products and customers. We purchased a laser and a 3m brake press and now, not only do we work on small repetition parts, but also on large fabricated parts such as box gutters and related roof parts such as scuppers, drains and overflows and covers as well as curbs for skylights and air conditioners.
Almec's mission
1. To develop long term relationships with our customers by supplying their sheet metal products to the customer's required level of precision and delivered on time to their orders.
2. To employ and retain staff who can consistently and reliably fulfil our customer’s orders.
3. To have equipment that is state-of-the-art for precision sheet metal manufacture.
4. To be a good corporate citizen in terms of work place safety and environment.
Customer Service
Almec provides a full sheet metal fabrication service to its customers including welding, surface finishes such as plating, anodising and powder coating. We support our customer’s development efforts with advice and feedback on practical and cost-effective design of sheet metal products. We also deliver to all parts of Sydney as part of the service.
Quality Assurance
Almec’s systems meet the requirements of ISO9002 although we have not sought formal accreditation. Our manufacturing control system has been developed internally and gives full traceability of orders and processes.

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Almec Pty Ltd

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